Show off your style with this funny scuba diver tee shirt!

“The Closer I get to the Bottom, the farther I am from Idiots” funny scuba graphic tee

The Closer I Get To The Bottom The Farther I Am From Idiot Shirt for those that love Scuba Diving, Freediving, Snorkeling, Underwater or Open Water Diving. Open Water Diver Shirt. Dive Shirt, Scuba Shirt. I’d Rather Be Scuba Diving Shirt. Funny Scuba Shirt

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The closer I get to the bottom the farther away I’m from idiots t-shirt

Funny scuba diving joke/saying t-shirt

The Closer I Get To The Bottom The Farther Away I Am From Idiots – Best Gift For Scuba Divers, Funny Scuba Tees, Scuba Diving Shirts For Men

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