Santa Claus Surfing Hawaiian Shirt – Summer Christmas Outfit


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Funny and cute xmas present outfit tee of Santa Claus wearing sunglasses, pineapple light bulb, palm tree, Hawaiian flower print, Hibiscus, swim trunk, surf board is for toddler, tween, teen, mom, dad, family team, tourist, surfer taking a trip to Hawaii.

Cool stocking stuffer with flip flops for summer Christmas holiday season in July or August, New Years, family reunion or gathering, birthday, winter camp, summer vacation in Hawaii, school Halloween costume event, graduation, movie night, beach resort.

This is the perfect t-shirt for anyone who loves Santa, Father Christmas, St Nicholas and Christmas. Spread the holiday cheer with this funny summer Santa Tee. Perfect as a stocking filler, gift, Christmas costume. Be sure to wear at your family gathering.

Featuring a very cool Santa hanging out at the beach, with palm trees, pineapple, Santa hat, coconut, sunglasses, swim trunks. Perfect to wear on Christmas day, on holiday, vacation, family gathering, Christmas party, beach resort. Gift for your nice list

Perfect for christmas Xmas parties, holiday events, gift exchanges and christmas caroling. Funny Noel Tshirt, Get ready for Christmas, makes a great gift idea for anyone who believes & LOVES Santa. Get ready for the Christmas Holiday Season

Tee that shows your spirit and how you believe in Claus. Snow, December and toys. Funny Christmas graphic teeshirt for the big Holiday Celebrations, this makes the perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater Shirt. Great stocking stuffer. Best your ugly sweater tshirt

2 reviews for Santa Claus Surfing Hawaiian Shirt – Summer Christmas Outfit

  1. Nolan

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Samuel

    Very fast delivery.

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