Trump 45 Deal with it T-Shirt. For everyone who wants to see President Trump stay in office come 2020

This funny tee makes a great commemorative for Donald J. Trumps inauguration day 1/20/2017

President Trump with the classic Meme “Deal with it” sunglasses. This t-shirt sums up the attitude of the 45th president pretty well. Whether you’re proud of Trump, or not a fan, this t shirt works well for both sides of the fence.

You don’t have to be a fan of President Trump to enjoy this design featuring Trump, with a patriotic American Flag background, and the “Deal with it” slogan. Republicans, Democrats and everyone in between can appreciate this shirt.

Do or someone you love have a U.S. election hangover? Trump up the volume and just DEAL WITH IT America or move to Canada. Merica, Murika, Merica has voted for change! Because Merica thats why. Let freedom ring with taco trucks. All citizens will LOL at this clever and epic post election reality tee. Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats who enjoy popular Internet memes, and maybe Obamacare, will appreciate this patriotic reality tv shirt.

The classic deal-with-it, black-and-white Internet meme 8-bit pixelated sunglasses are placed over an orange-colored caricature of the 45th President of the United States. The antiquated Electoral College has spoken. The black Impact font declares: DEAL WITH IT. And deal with China, Mexico, building a wall, hell toupee, and dat campaign promise con artist stuff.


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