5th Fifth Grade Teacher Nice List Christmas T-Shirt


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Fifth Grade Teacher Shirt. Greatfor 5th Graders & 5th Grade Teachers to wear on the first or last day of fifth grade or a present for boys and girls who going to come to fifth grade. Perfect for the whole Fifth Grade Team or Squad!

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That jolly old elf knows when you’ve been sleeping or awake or passing notes or forgetting to raise your hand. Make sure you’re a good student and you will be sure to avoid the naughty list and get everything you wanted this year!

Makes a great gift for high school or grade school teachers, educators. Remember your teachers this year with an adorable vintage Santa and holly!

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This shirt says Back to school celebrate the first day of 5th grade, or Graduation Shirt, last day of school tshirts Gift for kids adults women men boys girls, cool gift ideas for guys ladies, funny high school senior class of 2018, 2031 novelty outfit.

Awesome Back to School Shirt or Graduation Gift shirt: College Highschool 8th Eighth Grade Junior High Middle School 6th Sixth 5th Fifth Grade 1st First Grade Kindergarten Kindergarden Preschool Pre K Elementary.

2 reviews for 5th Fifth Grade Teacher Nice List Christmas T-Shirt

  1. Nicholas

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Mateo

    Very well worth the money.

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