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Gear up with 10% off sitewide savings. Use code "save10"

All Men - Women Are Created Equal But Only The Best Are Born in October

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October born shirts for the hopeless romantics

People born in October are known for being unbelievably curious, intelligent and extraordinarily charismatic! They are also very attractive and they can easily win anyone over with their sweet talk. They could probably charm you into doing anything for them. But those born in October are not just your typical charmers, they are born romantics and if they love someone, they love them forever.

October born tend to be conscious of their own emotions and have great social skills and empathy, so they can find something in common with almost anyone. They usually prefer a calm and quiet surrounding, which means they rarely raise their voice or lose their temper. People born in October are known for their caring hospitality, politeness and motivation. They never lose hope and accomplish every task no matter how hard it is. This makes them great team leaders, who know how to motivate others with their positive attitude.

Libra shirts and Scorpio t-shirts for those born in October

Have you found yourself in those paragraphs above? If so, you should surely get a t-shirt stating that! Browse our born in October t-shirts to find your favorite, or get you favorite October born person a unique gift on their birthday. Whether you are looking for a simple t-shirt with a born in October design, or you prefer a zodiac sign graphic, we have it all! Shirts for peaceful Libras, tops for passionate Scorpios, or any of the other 150 products Bonrmay can offer. Get the coolest born in October t-shirts and more and wear them proud!

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