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Trump team push to roll back birth control coverage based on claims 'not backed by science'

Posted by Chris Blair on

Determined to undo everything good President Obama managed to do for the people of the United States in eight years, the Trump regime is getting ready to roll back the requirement that health plans cover birth control as a free preventive service. Two of the longtime anti-contraception warriors the Trump team has recruited to make sure that sticks are the focus of a New York Times piece, and these people are scary.

Kay Talento, now a White House aide, has epidemiology training from Harvard. It would sure be interesting to hear from some of her former professors in light of her anti-science views today:

Dr. Eve Espey, the chairwoman of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, who reviewed two of Ms. Talento’s essays at the request of The New York Times, said, “Multiple claims in these articles are not backed by science.”

“There is no evidence that hormonal contraception causes miscarriage,” Dr. Espey said, and “there is no evidence that hormonal contraceptives cause infertility.’’

Matthew Bowman is now a Department of Health and Human Services lawyer.

Further, Mr. Bowman wrote in a blog post in 2013, “if any connection exists between unintended pregnancy and bad health consequences, it is based on mere correlation, not causation.” The draft rule, echoing that argument, denies any “causal link.”

There’s no causal link between unintended pregnancy and bad health consequences? What about the causal link between any pregnancy and bad health consequences? Like the fact that “every year in the U.S., 700 to 900 women die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes, and some 65,000 nearly die.” Death seems like a pretty bad health consequence.

You have to reject reality or be willing to lie to claim that birth control isn’t preventive care and doesn’t protect women from many negative health consequences. Talento and Bowman are among the most enthusiastic and shameless at that—they’re exactly who you hire when all you care about is making the case against care for women. Which is exactly what Trump and, especially, Pence want to do.

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