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We know that Jared Kushner’s original SF-86 to obtain his security clearance did not include any mentions of meetings with anyone from Russia.  After stories about contacts with Ambassador Kislyak and people around Trump appeared in newspapers, he was allowed to amend his SF-86.   The amended SF-86 apparently included not only his contact with Kislyak, but also his meeting with the head of the sanctioned Russian bank Vnesheconombank, Sergey Gorkov. 

But there was no mention at that time of Kushner having been in the June 9, 2016 meeting with the Russian lawyer that has now become the latest firestorm of Trump folks connections with Russians, which leads me to wonder if he did NOT in his amended SF-86 include that meeting.

If in fact he did omit mention of the June 9 meeting, would not that represent an additional possible count of perjury under federal law?  Would not his legal jeopardy have just escalated exponentially.


Again,  it is POSSIBLE this meeting was disclosed in the amended SF-86, but it seems more likely that he did not.

Just thinking aloud.


And if his amended SF-86 was also incomplete and dishonest, how the heck does he keep a security clearance?   One would think that after the first brouhaha that Kushner would carefully have disclosed EVERY meeting/contact he had ever had with Russians, even ones about whcihwe still have not yet heard.


If he didn’t . . . .

or as Ben Wittes used to say:    “tick, tick, tick...”

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